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Conversion Cost

The cost of my conversion is broken down below.

Parts (incl donor car)

Tools I had to buy

Services (incl welding, powdercoating, etc)

Cosmetic improvements

Shipping costs








If you are really interested where it all went and/or have an awful lot of time on your hands you can download an Excel spreadsheet of all the car expenses. Except it's likely ~$500 short due to cash purchases made in a hurry here or there. If you do, please don't email me about the better deal you could have gotten on this battery or that screwdriver. I did some basic price checking but not a lot of shopping around -- along with the merchandise I bought from EVAmerica came a lot of expert advice and it was worth every penny.

My conversion costed out on the high side for these types of projects. The battery box, for example, could have been made of plywood and would have worked out fine. But the welded steel and polyethylene box I came up with is extremely safe. It looks great in the car, and the car has excellent handling characteristics because 5 of the batteries are sunk into the floor for a lower center of gravity. So I didn't skimp on money or time (15 months total) but I believe I have a conversion which will last, and can be upgraded to better batteries by the time these are worn out.

Also in the budget are $1200 worth of high-quality tools which should come in handy for something (if not padding out a garage sale).

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