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Environmentally, EVs are better than internal-combustion-powered automobiles for several reasons:
  • Including the processes of electrical transmission and fuel refining, EVs are twice as efficient as internal combustion engines
  • An EV motor and power electronics are smaller, lighter, and cheaper to manufacture than a comparable internal-combustion engine.
In almost every conceivable power generation mix plug-ins reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Additionally, emissions would be concentrated in one location that is often away from critically-endangered air sheds.

It is less difficult to control emissions from a relatively few number of smokestacks rather than millions of vehicle tail pipes. And, efforts to clean up coal plants and other emissions will continue. In recent decades, many power plants have been modified to lower emissions while a number of older plants have been retired. This trend has resulted in a 25% decrease in emissions from U.S. power plants over the last 25 years. This trend is continuing so emissions will continue to get cleaner over time, meaning emissions generated from electric transportation will get cleaner over time.

Where my power comes from:
the City of Burbank Water & Power Energy Portfolio
Green Energy Champion - Gold Level

Renewables 60%
Coal 25%
Natural Gas 9%
Large Hydroelectric 2%
Nuclear 4%
Total Energy Portfolio 100%
Furthermore, an increasing share of America’s electricity is being produced by zero emission sources - wind and solar. There is a synergy between increased use of EVs and expanded use of wind energy. Widespread use of EVs in an electric system makes it easier for that system to accept more wind energy. This is because most EVs will be charging at night, when demand for electricity is at its lowest, and wind energy production tends to be at its highest in many parts of the country. Also, EV batteries can act as storage for wind energy produced at off-peak times.

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